9 września 2019

Nous saluons le retour!

We are pleased to inform you that Mr. Michaël Vervoort resumes cooperation with Doran. From 01-09-209 he once again strengthens the Doran team, but will fulfill a somewhat different role than before. During the year of absence, Michaël worked as CEO for the company Schlegel Sp. z o.o. in Radom, a member of the Swiss Schlegel Gruppe. Although the work within the Schlegel Gruppe is very challenging and varied for him, with interesting projects from different branches, he has nevertheless decided to rejoin Doran. The main reason for him to resign from Schlegel Sp. z o.o. are his private circumstances. Michaël has in the position of CEO at Schlegel Sp. z o.o. widely developed, has gained a lot of experience and can certainly make use of this within Doran.