We support your business at every stage of implementation

The current market is demanding and the development of a contact network may be a challenge. Through globalization organizations may increase the number of potential trading partners. However, suitable partner selection may be a difficult process, especially when a company wishes to focus on foreign markets.

The Polish market is a growing market with the potential for your company to sell its products in this market. A large number of small and medium enterprises gives you the chance to develop your distribution channels and to raise your sales level. DORAN is familiar with the Polish market and can offer support to assist you with the process of selling your products.

In practical terms, we can perform market research on your request. A market survey is useful to determine realistic goals and develop effective strategies as well as preparing companies for business expansion, identifying business opportunities and, the most crucial point, it provides an insight into whether there is a real chance to introduce your products or services into this market.

In order for your enterprise to be a successful international company and to develop its foreign network of contacts and growth opportunities, DORAN will be happy to help and support you, even at the level of language and cultural differences. Since 2002, our company has successfully represented both Polish and foreign (mainly Dutch, German and Belgian) companies. Our team can provide advice concerning issues such as distribution channels, sales, logistics and last but not least business negotiations.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. DORAN will gladly assist you!
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